Friday, November 27

10 things to do on a long weekend

It is easy to lapse into predictable routine on the weekends. If it a long weekends, most people pack their bags and start to explore places. But what about people who are on a budget? They tend to find themselves alone for the holidays. It can be a trying time even for those who are okey being alone! The long holidays could also mesh into one long continual nap fest. However there are plenty of fun things to do during your days off. They are cheap, fun and entertaining.

1. "Choose a country" dinner night.

Choose a country. Find cuisine that is unique to that country. Prepare the dinner that would be served, and bring out trivia facts about that country. Food, talking and facts what could go wrong!

2.Play games.

Board games are excellent ways to have fun at home.There are so many options to choose from.

3. Karaoke night

That is sure to bring in lots of laughter and joy!

4.Movie Marathon.

Good movie, lots of people, and popcorn!

5.Volunteer work.

Sure feel good factor and also brings in contacts!

6. Local history exploration.

Get to know the place where you are in. Visit the local museum and explore the places. take pics and make photo collage.

7.Go on long bike/car drives and camp in an unplanned spot.

8.Clean the closet and decorate the home.


Just like the good old school days.

10.last but not the least pack you bags and go and explore!!

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  1. Drives are my favorite too...especially during the night! Great list :)

  2. Nice ideas... will plan something for coming weekends ;)

    1. Thanks for dropping by.. you should definitely plan!!


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