Wednesday, September 11

Auto fare- boon or bane!

"Auto la yeranum na yerusumma rules pesada" (if you want to get into the auto, stop talking rules). This was the reaction that I got when I was asking the auto fellow in Mambalam to use the meter.

 "The Chief Minister also made it clear that permits of the auto rickshaw drivers would be canceled if they charge more than the revised fare".Their vehicles would as well be seized". However, no one seems to care. 

We were really happy when the announcements came out that the autos in Chennai city will once again see the meter box that was buried few years ago.

 It used to be a strange thing when autos in all the other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai had its meters on , and the auto fellows even gave back 50 paise.

A city is first judged by its transport facility and the autos fares.
Our city is famous for extra-high auto charges and the rude behavior of the auto fellows.After the announcement was made, we all thought that it was a boon for the commutators. 

When I told them, I would pay the fare according to the new tariff structure which translated into around 75 cent hike in minimum fare, in comparison to the fare that was present earlier, all I heard was his scolding.I even told them that I had the conversion fare list that came out in all the leading newspapers, but still no response.

I was determined this time that I will not pay a single penny more and let that auto fellow go. We had to let go of some 3-4 autos until one auto fellow asked 60 bucks for a 1.8 km. I had to bargain with him again when my friends got irritated by all these talks and came to a settlement of Rs 40.

Still I was not satisfied with the settlement, and thanks to the smartphone. I tracked down the kilometer, and it was just 1.2 km, and we should have paid only 25, but we paid 40. 

As soon as we got down, I asked the auto fellow if he could tell me the distance of the place from the station where we boarded, and he refused to tell.

Now this tariff structure, even after the awareness given to all the citizens if not followed properly, will surely be a bane.!!

And what can be done to such auto fellows? I have noted down the number of the auto, but I still feel complaining will not solve the problem. Each and everyone must insist in the usage of the meter or the fresh tariff rates until the new meters are installed. 


  1. Nice post Sahitya :) As you said I can't find any auto with meters yet :( Don't know where the rules have ran away !!!

  2. A good move at the right time by the Govt. But few drivers makes it horrible yet again. Btw, It will be controlled very soon. By September, they should have the meter in the autos. Compliance part needs to be monitored at the top level :( In my experience, The auto drivers though, not following the new rate, they are reducing to the fare after our bargain / negotiation. Lets hope it will get regularised soon.

  3. I hear the government is taking this auto fare thing quite seriously. Chennaiites have been harrassed by these guys for years. I can only hope some real change is finally coming about. Ideally I would prefer it if autos were completely deregulated. Then maybe some private service can ply its own vehicles on the roads as competition.

  4. @sushmithahope the rules will be implemented in the days to come... "HOPE" is the secret key!

  5. @Deepak Raghuramanagain yes we have to keep hoping!! it happens or not, we will hope for the better things to happen!

  6. @Bhagwad Jal Parkyes the govt has taken it seriously and the rates have been fixed, but there should be a body governing if the rules are being followed. the last day for the meters to be fixed is oct 15. so we must have a watch only after that!.

    and there is a private auto group called the namma auto where they use the meters and also give us the bill..:)

  7. You are right, as commuters we have to protest on Bargaining. We shud get in to the Auto only if they are willing to take us by Meter. Its been 2 days since i have started using Metered Autos.
    IN the morning times, i refuse as many as 6 autos ( Non metered ones) so that I get into a Meter auto

    Govt and Authorities have done their part, as commuters it is now our duty to ensure we dont give in to these rude drivers demands.

    Read my latest post on same subject ( but it is written lighter vein)

  8. @Viyomayes.. we definetly have to do our part!... its time for changes..:) sure i will and thanks for the read!


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