Saturday, September 14

Future of shopping!!

It's a snowy Saturday, and Amy age 72, sits on her couch and is thinking about the surprise gift that she plans to give her granddaughter for her birthday.

She uses her "6th sense" pendant and chooses the virtual image of the shop that she likes to purchase the items from. She uses her mobile phone to Create a virtual projection of her granddaughter using the picture that she hasand to control it. She makes the projected granddaughter to enters the virtual shop where she finds her personal concierge..

The concierge takes three scans of the virtual granddaughter in less than 10 seconds, then waits for the skin 

tone number. All this info is plugged into a scan guide and there is a list of products that would suit the virtual granddaughters skin tone, her waist size, her shoe size and everything needed for shipping.

The concierge recommends several items, the virtual granddaughter tries several dresses for the fit and chooses one. Amy pulls out the virtual granddaughter from the virtual shop and uses her Smart phone to pay the bill by scanning the bar code, and there is a warning beep saying that the same deign, brand dress is 5$ less in a different shop. So Amy reports this to the sales associate of the virtual shop and gets her dress for the lowest price in the market.

The item that she purchased will be shipped to her on the same day and since she had mentioned that it is a surprise, it will be shipped only to Amy.

The virtual projection shopping.

Amy then opens her laptop and scans through her teenage pics where she sees pics of her in a shopping mall along with her friends  and thinks how much the technology has changed and has made her life much easier. But this "shop-o-home" technique has also made meeting with friends and acquaintances a festive affair.

She satisfies all her need with just a swish of her cell phone. She now plans to meet up with her friends and have a retail therapy done. She informs all her friends about the meet up and checks into the "alter- me" app before heading out for shopping. This app presents to her the best place for shopping according to her needs, and also about the deals available at several places. and as soon as she steps into the shop, the talking shelves guide her to the "new venture" tour place where she can find all she needs stocked up, saving her time..:)
all info about everything using the sixth sense pendant.

These talking shelves also help her to customize her dresses and other items, which will be dropped in her trail room through the "fly-air" technology if she wants to try the fit.

Every info about the clothing that Amy wants, she finds it with the sixth sense pendent. And when this info is fed to the talking shelves, the exact piece with the fit is delivered directly, without the trouble of carrying the heavy shopping bags.!!

She pays the bill using the mobile wallet and heads back home, to see the package that she ordered for her granddaughter waiting to be delivered to her. She hands over the present to her granddaughter and plans to tell her how she used to shop when she was a teenager as her bedtime story!..:)

This post is written as a part of Indiblogger The future of shopping contest.


  1. Virtual projection has even today gone way beyond lab prototypes... I've seen it in a limited use in Seoul... where Samsung is neck deep into AI research as well.
    Hope to have you reading my post as well...

    Arvind Passey

  2. hey,,, nice post... All the best for winning :) :)

  3. @Arvind Passeyyes virtual projection is in the starting stage now.. but by 2030 it wil will be used widely! :) sure will read ur post too!

  4. Good one, All the best for the contest


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