Thursday, February 23


              We have heard the sayings 10 drops of water makes a mighty ocean.But have we ever wondered,that it is not the 10 drops of water but 10 drops of different mixtures that makes the mighty ocean.

A drop of love,
A drop of warmth,
A drop  of friendship,
A drop of song,
A drop of Laughter,
A drop of learning,
A drop of growing,
A drop of sharing,
A drop of helping,
A drop of forgiving.

10 tiny drops of  all these makes an ocean of joy.

Reference and source: Positive thoughts and positive actions book by Arnol fox and Barry Fox.


  1. Should be 10 such tiny drops...there is more to know about the ocean of joy and
    it is beyond any materialistic bounds... :)
    nice attempt :)

  2. Very well thought and written Sahi...really liked it! -amit

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  4. Sahi.. Amazing.. Something that we all have in abundance, but never use.. Truly an eye opener..

  5. awesome one...ocean of joy... :)


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