Tuesday, February 21


    Why are the newspaper giants Times of India and The Hindu taking out TV ads about each other????   We could have not missed the remarkable ads by the Bennett,Coleman & co. Ltd giant and that from Kasturi & Sons Ltd. giant.
             There first came an add that shows a guy who always falls asleep at all sorts of places,including at a parade in which a band plays loud music.This guy keeps nodding off all the time,and then it turns out that the reason he's always so sleepy is because he reads The Hindu,which (according to them) is so boring that it puts anyone who reads it to sleep.
            So what did the add suggest???? (well i had to see the add twice to understand that they were targeting the Hindu)   If u don't want to snooze off at odd times,you'd better switch to the excitement filled TOI.

              Is Hindu boring???   well i think The Hindu takes the general seriousness to lengths of severity.

          Then came the iron packed, set solid add of the Hindu which showed young people being interviewed on the street and who couldn't correctly answer questions on current affairs but knew everything there was to know about bollywood trivia.The add hinted that all these clueless perplexed people were TOI readers....

             all TOI readers clueless???/ just because they answered Kareena's pet name correctly doesn't mean they are not smart ( :P  oops.. :)) 
                 I think the TOI makes everything it says light and frothy which reaches the people easily than the weighty and profound ones of the Hindu. TOI concentrates mainly on the colorful columns and their free spaces.
                  But why have the two giants waged a war against each other???? Is it any market strategy??? (may be) if so.. why have they left the Hindustan times then..:) way to go ...


  1. HEHE :) good analysis !
    I must add that HINDU is classical and TOI as ADS OF INDIA :D
    Hindu is the best according to me...
    it will be fun to watch two big heads fighting to the streets :D

  2. @ d :lol.. both TOI and hindu have their own styles of writing...:)


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