5 ways to speak to someone

 What would you do if u have only ten seconds to show you're a somebody.

The incredible,inescapable,unique essence of you

1.The Flooding Smile:
                                 Dont flash an immediate smile,when you greet someone.Instead look at the other persons face for sometime.pause.Soak in their persona.Then let a big warm ,responsive smile flood over your face.

2.Sticky eyes:
                       Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partners with sticky warm toffee.Dont break eye contact even after he/she has finished speaking.When you must look away,do it slowly.

                The instant you are introduced to someone,reward your new acquaintance.Give the warm smile,the total body turn. 

4.limit the fidget:
                           Whenever your conversation really counts,let your nose itch,ear tingle or your foot prickle.Do not fidget,twitch,or scratch.Doing all these gives your listener the gut feeling that you are fibbing

5.Keep a dual track:
   Make it a habit to get on a dual track while talking.Express yourself, but keep an eye on how your listener is reacting to what you are saying.Then plan your moves accordingly.

Reference: How to talk to someone by Leil lowndes


  1. @ dee : thank u !!! this is just the first five ways.. will give more on this in the next posts!!.. :)

  2. @ readitt : thank u !!!... u may also like



  3. then why you shout on others! you should learn from your own tips !!


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