Monday, February 20

Pen is Sharper than Knife…

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a cleverer devil.” 

Years after people will not remember what you teach them or what you told them but for sure people will remember how you were.

1) Hitler, people will not quote his sayings all the times. People remember only his tyranny to suppress one group of people.

2) Mandela, people will not remember what he said them but people will consider him as a crusader and as a fighter, because he behaved like that.

It is certainly not what you have; it is all about how you show them out, similarly it is not that what you hold inside, it is all about how you telecast it outside…

I can quote plenty of examples for uneducated brilliants; they never went for oxford or Cambridge, even to the municipality school nearby your house, but they are not lesser to any of the scholars and bureaucrats.

Sincerely speaking, schools and colleges are not the source of knowledge, I want to quote this…If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.” 

Schools and colleges of today acts as a BOGUS PASSPORT office, which gives you passport if you give them the money they need.

Degree, personally I feel that it is nothing but just a paper…
100%  90% 80% are nothing but Just numbers.

If you shout yourself that I am from IIT and I have 99%, it is not that you are roman god for education, if you don’t know how to open a letter without damaging its cover, 
what the hell you studied at IIT? What kind of an educated person you are?
If you don’t know how to behave with others? What is the use of calling ourselves as EDUCATED?
If you don’t know how to open a loosen a nut or if you don’t know how to install a new software, what’s the use of proclaiming “EDUCATED”..

S.Sandeep M.Tech, M.B.A (UK)
U.Usha B.Tech, M.B.A (USA)
A cheap self promotion in the Wedding invitation, after all what you are studying and studied are just for showcasing it in those invitations and for some other lame purposes…
Someone will give you a degree and you will be in a black gown (smiling like hell) cheese moment will be hanging at your reception room... SEE I HAVEA DEGREE…Certainly it has NO USE.
Wake up at 5 A.M, you are studying Math today, tomorrow English and time table goes on…Even a pressure cooker in your house will be happier than a board exam student.
Education is very important but marks are not, it is a myth that a student who scores 90% is a brilliant, I will say SHIT…

“Chennai student stabs his teacher inside the class room”
See how much pressure and madness drove that young student to commit this awful crime?

Family of that teacher cries out, She is not coming back and that stupid student is wasting his time behind bars.

Another incident, Student commits suicide due to over pressure from his parents… 
Parents are the first teachers, none can find a better place to learn than the HOME.
When you pressurize a kid to score well, you are killing him.

Weeks later, student from rural part of Tamil nadu, deliberately threatened their teacher,” If you have guts come outside, I will kill you”

How sweet right?
It is sincerely shameful, HOW OUR EDUCATION works? We give no damn for IQ… all that we value is NUMBERS, 98% is a brilliant student and 45% is a below average student.

There are few idiots, who will pressurize students community to PERFORM well in academics, are they Ferrari engine running for F1 circuit? Why those idiots speak like that?
Words pressurize students and they face fatigue mentally, beyond a limit they crumble.
Our future generation crumbles and the GDP economy all things crumble.

Competitions are killing students, Parents wants their kid to save their pride over their friends…
These words will literally kill them, like placing a 1000KG stone over them.
Why this kolaveri?

Education is not a show case doll, to claim lame queer pride “My son scored 100 Marks”, That’s a stupid thing this society does to a single person, COMPARING kids is the lame thing and people who does it as A.H(bad word).

It is tough for every parent to scrutinize their kids, they can’t follow everywhere but they can behave like a friend not like an enemy. No kids will be wasted if they have a friendly parent and a friendly teacher.

There are few rotten rodents in them, I know plenty of teachers, they are the reason for what am, I love them and I respect them, everyone loves every teacher? I too had some worst teachers in my schools. A good partnership between a parent and teacher will gift a better life for student that, That happens here? Very few cases follow that strategy.

Corruption kills our tax money, Crimes kills the victims, and Terrorism kills our peace but EDUCATION KILLS Our YOUNGER GENERATION…
We ought to do a revolution with BOOKS than doing it for corruption or election.
Till then, we can see plenty of class room murderers and innocent students hanging themselves.
Enough Tigers are saved, now save STUDENTS. 

Guest post: Deepak Karthik


  1. Great Post, I totally agree with all your sayings about our Current Education System !!! Every Teacher and student should read this! Nice writing style Deepak :) I am gonna share this one immediately!

  2. @Lancy: Thanks a ton for sharing and reading :)
    @Beauty and...: Thank you so much for reading it...

  3. Good post. I totally agree with you buddy.
    Comparing marks kills the children.
    I would suggest the IQ technique to be of better use. :)

  4. I completely agree. Well written.

  5. As im a HR, i have come across the need and value for education including the so called %.
    first thing, kids get pressurized bcz parent think only a gud education can brighten they kids future., who wud not want their kids to be smart eh? or gettin more % eh? atleast i ll prefer my kids to be so.. :) but one difference is, how do yu enlighten the kids about it

    Secondly, many company hires a good scored candidates, many wud hv experienced this during campuse hiring, and few exceptionaly talented guys wit low average marks get hired too but as i said thats just exceptional cases.

    its a Myth that people believe the student from IITs, IIMs are exceptionaly good. but i hv come across few ppl who go mentally ill too.

    And funny part is the weddin invitation.. cant help., in our society, we always try to please others, and also show off that we are much better than others... but again thts silly :)

    Number game doesnt work only in Sports, Media, politics , few exceptional industries,or if your dad is a big shot :)

    Else Deepak., i believe the Number Game works in Education. :)

  6. @smile:) wonderful comment and i respect your point of view... what i have stated is from my perspective :)
    thanks for the read and comment !

  7. Deepak.. That was my point of view chill
    BTW nice write :)

  8. wow love it so awesome work ... but just writing a blog like these won't do the much work .. do form a group and raise a voice .. !!! i am sure you're gonna do well and inspire everyone and start a revolution .. its often the step taken by one man brings major change in the society .. like anna hazare

  9. @abhishek:) well said.. THANKS FOR EXPRESSING your concern !

  10. right Deepak! thumbs up to the save student campaign!

  11. Well Said. I completely agree to your thoughts about Education. It's no use being highly qualified where one does not have any moral values imbibed in them. And that is the cause and result of all problems you'd mentioned.
    Nice Reading it :-)

  12. @Ashwini C N thanks a ton ashwini :D keep visiting !

  13. Very well said Deepak, and unfortunately a truth of life.. At the end it is not what you have learnt that matters, it is how many marks you can show on a piece of paper that matters.. BTW, loved your comment on college / education.. Stealing it for my FB comment :)


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