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Mood Boards- A welcoming and relaxing living room- How to create mood boards.

Mood Boards are a great way to convey our ideas on design and fashion which can be difficult to communicate sometimes. So if there is difficulty in expressing some idea, the best way to go is creating mood boards.

What is a mood board?

"A mood board is a combination of images, texts, colors, quotes that define the mood and the style of the project". It is a tool to bring out the ideas inside our head and to present it. Mood boards come in different forms. There are also 3D mood boards that enable us to design a 3-dimensional view of a room. This is very convenient if you are planning to remodel your house.

All you have to do is use the mood boards to see how the room will look like or if the furniture that you have been dreaming to buy, suits your living room layout.

Types of mood boards:


Creating a mood board digitally using illustrator is easy for most as it can be done even online using several free online mood creators, and also managing the pictures online or digitally is a lot easier.

Source: Slideshare


Having physical format mixed with printed photograms gives a very crafty feel to the whole process.
It is more like a mixed media art.

My Mood Board:  A welcoming and relaxing living room

I decided to do a mood board design project and decided to work on the living room. I wanted to create an inviting, peaceful, fun space that would be great to entertain friends and family.

This is what I came up with for the living room. These mood boards are 3D boards Which are based on a theme.

Pic: Sahithya
This is  a more classy, chic living room with a pop of color.
Pic: Sahithya

For more inspirations on Living room ideas check here: arhaus


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