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How to pack the suitcase for travelling

Travelling can be long or short, but you will have to pack the suitcase anyway. The only problem is not to take unnecessary things in your luggage.

What do you need to take with you?
Depending on the place of destination, you should take the things which correspond to the season and weather. If you are going to the sea, then you should mostly take light clothing and a few evening outfits. In case if it is the excursion tour and you will have to walk a lot - it's better to take more comfortable things.

Before you put everything in a suitcase, it will be good to decompose all things and look at them detached. Clothing for the trip should ideally be chosen in such a way that any shirt could be combined with jeans, and with a skirt, and with slippers. Here is the approximate list of items you can forget about, but should definitely take with you:

  • Shoes
  • Lingerie
  • Accessories (belts, scarves, hats)
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Medicines
  • Phone, recharger
What shouldn’t you forget?
Do not forget you need that the most important things you have to take are documents, money, tickets and keys to the house. All this is better to be put in a small bag-purse. It should not be of a bright color - so as not to attract unnecessary attention. Also, grab a pack of dry napkins, wet wipes, an antiseptic for hands and a pen.
How not to take unnecessary things?
The easiest way to properly pack your suitcase and take everything you need is to make a list of what you need to take with you a week before the trip. Moreover, the list should be as detailed as possible. Once in a few days, look into it and cross out the things you think unnecessary, as well as add something. Therefore, you will have time to think everything over, weigh and avoid the turmoil.
Two days before departure, you can put all the things from the list in a suitcase. If there is free space left, you can use it in two ways:
- to fill it with unnecessary things that you will "probably" put on;
- leave it unfilled - then you will have a stock of space for souvenirs, gifts and things that you buy during the travelling.
Also, before you put everything in a suitcase, you can put all the things on the floor. At this stage, you can easily get rid of a part of the baggage. To make sure, when you have already collected your suitcase, find in it a thing or even a few things, without which you can manage on a trip.
By the way, the list of things that you composed while packing the suitcase, you can take with you on a trip. It will be much easier for you to pack your things on it before you fly home - it will help you not to forget anything at the hotel.

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  1. These are great tips! I travel a lot and always tend to over pack. I'm definitely going to try making a list the week before I go on my next trip. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by . Glad it was useful to you

  2. Very helpful post!! This is random, but I love the font you use. :)

  3. After backpacking for nearly 5 years, I still always overpack!! If I have space it gets filled!! This summer I am doing europe and only taking my 30L bag, so I will need to pack light!! Will see if I can get rid of some things for that trip!!

    1. its a personal challenge. have a lovely trip to europe

  4. This is a great list! I book marked this page so that I can read it again before my next trip!

  5. Yes! Making a list is so important! I have a pre-printed list it really helps me remember all of the things I need to take on a trip. Also I agree that putting everything on the floor first really helps as well, then I can easily review all of the things I'm going to pack. :D

  6. Love the list idea! Never thought of crossing things off as the days go by! Definitely trying that one out:) xx

  7. I feel like you wrote this directly for me! I'm about to start traveling extensively. I always over pack. I loved your write up on how not to take things. Thank you!

  8. I appreciate this advice. Thank you!

  9. Such great advice! I honestly need a list for absolutely everything or else I won't remember a single thing! This post will be very helpful for me in the future when I need to pack up and go!

  10. Excellent post, it was short and to the point but packed with a ton of good info!

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