Wednesday, March 1

Dollar store hacks 3 - Give those frames a new look

If you are following my blog, you must be knowing that I love to shop in dollar store to do my DIY items. The other day when I was in dollar store I saw a huge collection of frames all for just 1$. They were nothing fancy, but anything can be made fancy with just a few tricks.

So I bought 3 big frames that they had. I wanted to hang these frames in my dining area. I didn't want to hang it as such, so I bought a rose gold color spray paint. I love love the rose gold color. They instantly make anything look super rich. I also had a handmade paper with me which I wanted to put it in the frame.

So here is the step by step process of how I converted the cheap dollar store frame to something that looks like it is bought in pottery barn.


Buy Dollar store frames:

STEP 2: Remove the frame carefully, and save the paper that comes with the frame.

STEP 3: Use the rose gold spray paint nd paint the frames


I got this handmade paper in an exhibition which I loved. I wanted to use this in the frame. So instead of getting a picture frame, I used this paper that had amazing texture to it in the frame.

so I just cut a small rectangle of the handmade paper and stuck on the white side of the paper that came with the frame.

STEP 5: Put the paper back to the frame and Tada!

This is how it looks in the dining hall! I love it. What do you guys think? leave your comments below!

Total cost Just 1 $ :)

here is the youtube video on how I did this. watch, like and subscribe :)


  1. I love what you did with the frames! I may try this for my office area!!

    1. Thank you. Yes please do and you can post a picture in my fb page

  2. Such a cute idea! Running to the dollar store now!

  3. super cute project, and amazing that it only cost you $1! I'll come back for more ideas, thanks!


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