Friday, December 13


          When i hear the word "SCHOOL" it makes me realize how much i miss it. Few days back when i was coming back from office ,i  saw a group of school students rushing back to the railway station to board the train,.Everything about them was nostalgic.The uniform, the shoes, the ribbon, the secret crush, the way they shared a pack of lays, the way they spoke, exam tensions, the discussion of who will top the exam , the assembly programs, the punishments, the cycle ride, getting late to the assembly, scolding from PT sir,the task of writing on the display boards, monitoring the class,mass drills and everything just came down the memory lane.

          March used to be the most anxious month, waiting for the exams to get over and go for a long holiday with family and friends.Group outing was a big no no till class 9. There always had to be an elder to accompany.I remember the first time when we went for the group outing without anyone accompanying us. It was to the good old Spencer.. :). And the exiting part was going to the beach and that too without informing parents.. Well that was a huge deal for me when i was in classes 8.. :)

        When the school reopened in June, there always was an excitement to reach the school early on the first day and get the best seat. But this excitement used to last only for few moments till the class teacher came and made us all sit according to the height order.The uneasy feel when we were made to sit in the first row, the fights that we had when someone pulled our ribbons, the anger that was shown when the class leader wrote the name on the board for talking, the satisfaction that was shown when the name was rubbed from the board when we were silent is really nostalgic.

        The first time when we found some gal had a crush on the topper of the class, cross checking it with the magical mantra called "FLAMES",first time ragging the new student, the empathy that was shared when some rumor was shared about my best friends,how upset we used to be when the class was shuffled,The PT period which was the time to discuss about the happenings of each others class, making code word to speak, writing letters in the code words that were formed so that nobody understood it. Sounds funny now, but it all seems like yesterday.

         When we chased one another in the corridors in Intervals, and returned to the classrooms  Drenched in sweat.When we had lunch in classrooms, corridors, Playgrounds under the trees and even in cycle sheds! the secret agreement that was made to save each other in case of difficulties, the only adventure game that used to be played was going in between the trees and climbing the tress and calling that trekking, bunking the classes in the name of competition practice, silly fights for no reason, playing and falling and breaking were all part of the PT classes. All these are really memorable.

         The first business plan that was made in the form of making greeting cards,the first earning by selling them, the profit that was calculated, the execution that was made leaving behind the homework, the revenge that was taken by puncturing the cycle, the mad rush to get the samosas in the canteen, these memories are still fresh.

       The birthday treats used to be kulfis and  lays and cheetos in the nearby shop, the craziness of collecting the tazoos and the freebies,exchanging  the Pokemon cards with friends for the points,month long preparations for the cultural even where there was no major role..Gone are the days. Wish i could bring them back.

      We  learnt, We  played,
We laughed,We cried,
We thought.We fought,
We won, We lost,
We  enjoyed,we grew together
With so much fun in them, so many friends,

So much experience, all this and more!

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  1. "FLAMES" the magical mantra...hahaha...looks like girls across the country have done this! Lovely post Sahithya! :)


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