Saturday, October 26

Who am I ?

I am a little reserved because of my weight and I am not found everywhere
I live below the sand, and they mine to get me and my family out
All my family ever mined will fit the average size living room
I live in Africa and all my other relatives live in Russia,
My mother tongue is Spanish and my nick name is “small silver”
I guard and secure the diamonds
Who am I ??

I am complete ,pure and perfect
The meaning of my color is innocence, wholeness, and completion
I am blessed with the color of new beginning,
Equality ,fairness ,neutrality  and impartiality is the identity of my color
Thus I am used in weddings and happy times,
My color is white and who am I?

     The day i found you, 
     The day i realized you are truly meant for me,
     Million stars lit up the dark,
     like the diamonds in the sky

     You are the brightest, i cannot deny
     like the  diamond held tightly in the ring
     love bonds are meant to last long
     a love so pure. a love so true
     a love that makes me come to you

     You are the angel who is near
     in your arms i have no reason to fear
     you are the charm, you are the brightness
     you bring the smile and make my day

     you are the ruby of my heart
     diamond of my mind
     emerald of my eyes
     amethyst of my cheeks

     my admiration for you  is so precious
     more precious then the gems
     a jewel so protected and valued
     i adore the real reward, which is you.
     i discovered this real love that will never end

I make people realize the true love that is everlasting
you celebrate this day where you find everlasting love with me
who am i ?

I am the ultimate statement of love and quality
i am the preferred choice of the worlds greatest jewelry designers 
i am not Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium and Osmium,
I am platinum.

This post is written as a part of Indiblogger platinum day of love contest


  1. Lovely use of words and hearty congrats on your 100th post :) Keep blogging :)

  2. beautifully expressed.

  3. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

  4. @Aditi thank u so much..:) kepp reading the other posts too..:)

  5. Very sweet poem! Congrats on 100th post! Best wishes for the contest!


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