Tuesday, May 24

3 easy ways to Re-purpose your jeans

There are several ways to re-purpose old cloths. And jeans being a sturdy material is my favorite choice for re-purposing.If you have an old jean that dose not fit you anymore, or old men's jean or new jean that your brother or father got, that does not fit them and cannot be returned, don't throw them. Just re-purpose them. Here are few things that i did with a jean.

Things needed:

2.Hot glue gun

1.Convert it into a cool travel Bermuda shorts.

All you need to do is cut the bottom of the jean to the length you want the Bermuda shorts to be.
and fold the ends to give it a casual look. you can also use a fading solution if you want the shorts to be a little faded.

2.Make a Toiletry travel bag,

Don't throw the remains of the jeans after you have made the Bermuda shorts. Convert it to a super easy, no stitch toiletry bag, that you can use when you travel.

3.Make a roll on art storage kit.


  1. Hey there,

    I think you have provided some good and nice methods for reusing old jeans. My sister used to do so. In additional you can make things like tote bag out of it and many creative stuffs.. Keep writing.

    the Solitary Writer

    1. Thank you so much. and thanks for sharing the idea of the diy that ur sister used to do with old jeans! :) keep reading!!

  2. Very nice! I wouldn't have ever thought of these! Very creative :)

    Sincerely Miss J


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