Tuesday, May 17

The Queen

Vas continued the story…Check out the previous story here written by Megha.

"Oh stop it vas, are you going to tell her the history of our land and everything on the very first day? let her take some rest, and explore our world" said deb a motherly lady who just came in with fruits and some snacks.

"I would love to hear more" protested priya, but was escorted by  nach and chi-chi to her palace.

"Please take adequate rest, you have a long day tomorrow" said chi-chi with a smirk,and nach behaved in as if priya was never in the room.

"What is going on? why am i the only person in such a huge palace? and who is deb?"

"You will know when you have to know.My orders where to escort you to your palace, and if you need anything to eat, things are in the 'kholodno' "
"oh it is the fridge in your language" said chi-chi and walked away without turning back.

lying on her bed, priya was thinking hard "How did i come here? I always wanted to travel back in time and go to the middle of the earth, i have also wanted to be a queen, but i am a definite muggle".

"Then how can i be the queen of a land where there are dragons and wizards and elves and other charecters that i have seen only in books?"

"Is this a dream"? Priya pinched herself and it hurt. "ouch.. so its definitely not a dream. "

"I am confused,scared and angry. why is no one answering to my question? i need to go home. i miss my mom"

several flashes of her reading a book,wanting to change the world, fighting with her mom, taking her bike to the marina beach, trying to save a rabbit in the beach came across. Thinking hard, priya fell asleep.

Suddenly priya woke up to the sound of some men

"tsss , ostanovit' yego ona mogla menya razbudila"

 "prinesti svet blizhe"

 She was not able to understand the language so she went closer to the window to see what was happening.

 Priya opened the window, she could recognize nach with a lantern, and saw something that made her to freeze in shock.

Handing over the batton to Gowthama Rajavelu who blogs at creatikaa.

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