Tuesday, July 17

Access facebook with 3 different passwords

3 Diverse passwords can be used to login to yourFACEBOOK.  Appears to be very stimulating isn’t it?Facebook is different from all the other online accounts, which they has solitary password to access, FB lets you login by 3 diverse alternatives of your password.Let us clarifies this to you through the subsequent example:1. Original PasswordThis is your original password. Let that original password is
by using the original password you can login.
2. Password through the Case Switched
In the overhead password the letters ‘V’ and ‘P’ are in uppercase and the remaining are in the lowercase. If you SWITCH the case where all the UPPERCASE characters are transformed into the lowercase and vice versa, your default password ‘myVirscentPage’ would become.
Now if you login using the above switched password, your Facebook will admit it and welcomes you! This is the first difference of your default password which is recognized by Facebook.
3. Password with the First Letter Capitalized
If the first character of your password is in the lower case, you may just change the first letter to UPPERCASE and facebook will again accept it and let you in. As in case of the above example where your default password is ‘myVirscentPage’, if you change the first letter to UPPERCASE your password would be ‘MyVirscentPage’ and this should work fine as well:
This was found out by Emil Protalinski of ZDNET; who also contacted Facebook to inquire about the same and even got a response. With the Facebook engineer for security saying that three forms of the user’s password.
This is done for the following reasons. 
1. To help users log in if they accidentally have caps lock on
2. If an user inadvertently has caps lock on on their mobile device and the first letter is automatically entered in upper case.
3. Since Facebook uses several encryption technologies and does not store passwords in plain text this will not compromise the security of a password.
SOURCE: ZDNET,prashant


  1. Is it a bug for facebook? Honestly, it is my first time to know this method.

  2. @Owen

    i dont think its a bug... may be it allows access with such changes in cases also!!!

  3. Good discovery! Maybe there are more than 3 alternatives they accept. Lets keep trying!

  4. Wow, so chic. How much did it cost you?

  5. Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.

  6. first time to learn this trick. great helpful.


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