Joyful are those who dwell in peace
peaceful are those who dwell in love,
loving are those who dwell in forgiveness,
forgiving are those who live in understanding,
understanding are those who dwell in wisdom,
wise are those who dwell in wisdom,
wise are those who dwell in joy.

    "Together" is a magical word. but unfortunately we have forgotten this word.I remember this proverb,
" together we stand, divided we fall".but the present condition is together we will stand to raze the other party or member and then we will wreck each other..!! We call India a peace loving country, is it because we don't dare to fight against the corrupt and have made it look like a non violent country? or s it really "peace" LOVING...???
      Then why are people not joyful ???every single person  has a problem, be it racist attacks,or corruption,or the politicians or the roads it and people will clump in to join the discussion. 
      People in the higher posts and the "netas" have perplexed the meaning of togetherness. They are together and united in one aspect- corruption. 
      I have always had this doubt, to join any field of job one asks for a minimum qualification but for joining politics the minimum qualification seems to be a 10 class fail.Funny but true!! and then they tend to bribe some colleges and get their degree. and the most interesting part is few ultimately become the Educational ministers...!!

a funny message that i got recently:

              Most 'First Class' students get technical seats, some become Doctors and some Engineers.
* The'Second Class'pass, and then get MBA, become Administrators and control the'First Class'.

* The 'Third Class' pass, enter politics and
Become Ministers and control both.

 politics is not for governing people. It is the shortcut to earn a lot lot of money in a minimum span of time. It is like a reality game show where the person has to collect maximum money in 5 yrs time. and there is tremendous competition in this game. If a person wins in the first season then the other person tries to double his/her earnings in the second season.
we have also heard few leaders asking his followers to cheat a little but not to loot.  This seems to be the ethics in politics 

There should be a minimum qualification for the people who govern the whole of the nation and even if they are well qualified they must be given a chance to voice their views and must not just act as puppets.

There is no point in blaming those who leave the country. many get frustrated with the situation where there is no joy,love,forgiveness,understanding and leave to the other countries. (not that the situation is any better there). 

Now when these people can be united in corrupting the whole nation why cant we  be together to uproot this corruption from roots.. Its high time we start a revolution against corruption. we got independence from the british on 15th august, but the real independence day would be when we  set ourselves free from the "corruption raj".It is this generation that must do something. Let the revolt against corruption begin.!!!

P.S : the first war of independence was in 1847 and we got independence in 1947. the first war against corruption has not even begun then when will we get our corruption free india ??? :P :P


  1. That is the big problem and our LEaders have learnt from the British so very nicely , divide and rule and they do it so beautifully we are divided into caste - creed- color 0 religion and to the Neighbourhood too, what Gally we live in .. thats how much the divide is , no wonder the people at the top dont give a damn about anything.

    I have often repeated what the martyrs have said aloud , it takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear and till that noise is made nothing will change and to make that noise EACH one of us has to hold hand and shout at top of our voice ..

    If that happens the change will come within SECONDS...


  2. I agree. Change must come but when only time can answer.

  3. @Bikramjitvery true... people should be ready to shout at the top of their voice... but the situation now s that we leave it just like that thinking the other person is deaf...and even if few try to make any effort against corruption we start having doubts if they are genuine or they do it 4 their own ... and the media plays a very important role in this....

  4. @jaish_vats true.. but i just hope this is the time.... this is no going to get alright overnight.....the process must begin now.... and it is in the hands of the present youthful generation..


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