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The ITC Grand Chola Experience

        Here i get a chance to share the experience on my visit to the resplendent,gigantic,ravishing,overblown monument of luxury which is situated in Chennai,the region's cultural capital.It is THE ITC GRAND CHOLA on my first INDIBLOGGER MEET.!!

Drives us to the sangam age

         I was completely impressed with this hotel from the moment we arrived at the fantastic grand entrance.The ITC GRAND embodies the essence of the SouthIndia's most glorious empire,the Cholas.The unequalled artistry expressed during the period in their temples,art and architecture is reflected  in this awe-inspiring hotel. Its a Marble island with lot of intricate detailing.The staff were dressed immaculately, smiling and helping where they could. We walked into a very serene, beautifully scented marble hall and you could feel the luxury already exuding from every direction.For someone like me who loves history it was like going back to the Chola era and entering their grand palace.


Most beautiful artworks seen in a hotel,

The best thing that i liked about the hotel was  we were greeted in traditional Indian fashion,and the names of the suites,the rooms,the towers,the clubs and everything was named after the great kings of the Chola dynasty which does justice to the hotel name.And the soothing Carnatic music that was played in the background it definetly took me to the medieval Chola period.The craftsmanship in building this stunning property is everywhere you look. From the luxury softness of the carpets to the carved marble everywhere.

       From the lobby we were directed to the Rajendra hall,which is the largest pillar free hall of its kind in the country.After the registration process and few fun filled activities in the Indiblogger meet we had a tour of the hotel.Interestingly it generates its own electricity from the wind energy .The hotel is a magnificent structure and can easily dwarf you with it's grandeur and there is every possibility that u may get lost..;)

      The tour started from the Sangam lobby, that definetly took me to the Sangam era.The beautifully decorated ceiling and the complex carvings in every step that takes us one step ahead to the higher end luxury was definetly royal.

cuisines and more,

      Then we headed to the Madras Pavilion, a three meal restaurant that offers international and Indian cuisines.The best thing about this is its divers table settings with the thematic zones.Cafe Marcara Express, 24 hours coffee shop.Nutmeg,The gourmet shop filled wit gourment snakes and goodies.peshawari, The north indian restaurant.

just relaxxxx:

       Next spot was the kaya kalp spa. with the pleasant aroma and delightful menu of therapies, it is definetly a hit.

The towers, 

   We saw a standard room where you find an ipad to control the tv, lights, and to even order food and open the door when the food arrives!, it also has the great entertainment centre with sports, movies on-demand and world news.This really was a great touch.Gizmo lover's delight!!!


  The pools  were lovely and the gyms  were really well stocked. All top of the range equipment. It isn't often that you find such high-tech kit in a hotel gym.

         We definetly need a guide to tour around the whole place. So its better to have the track of places in case we get lost..! :) There were beautiful paintings on the wall, But i felt if there had been some statues or some antique structures it would have been a complete sangam experience. And sad that we could not visit the grand presidential suites, The Raja Raja and the Karikalan.(wow.. the two most powerful kings and the most luxurious suits are named after them!)

Bottom line.. if you love luxury,this is the place you have been looking for!!!

       Overall this was a life time experience, an it was of top class. Thank u vivek for guiding us around the place and sharing with us few facts behind the construction of the GRAND CHOLA. and .. Thank u Indiblogger for making this happen  and speciel thanks to ITC GRAND CHOLA for giving us the lunch,dinner coupons and experience certificates of Rs 500.

ITC GRAND CHOLA.. definetly has the power to attract people to experience its luxury again and again!!!!



  1. You might add a disclaimer as well saying ... "This blog is not in anyway endorsed by the ITC Grand Chola. But any incentive from them is accepted in either cash or credit"...rofl !!!

  2. Your introduction during the meet was unique. I am not sure how long it would have taken to tell the names of all Chola Kings. How many did you memorize, BTW? :)

    Destination Infinity

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  4. @Destination Infinitythank u :) i did not memorize actually i am interested in history and old stuffs so that made me to know the names¡!!!!

  5. :) oh yes some of my good friends also went to this meet and i am so jealoussssssss can you see , can you feel it .. no .. well let me tell you I AM SO JEALOUSssssssssssssss :)

    beautiful hotel indeeed


  6. @Bikramjit ha ha i can definetly feel the intence of jealousy that u have... if u had missed the meet.. then u actually had missed something.. :) :D


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!