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The writeup is a part of Chennai Bloggers club, where a person begins with a Love story and the one who receives the Baton carries it forward. This is the 19th Chapter which brings out the Story writer in me. My first attempt at writing a story. The previous chapter can be found here .
 Here is the link for all the scenes in this  CBC valentine’s day contest.

"I am smitten," she said under her breath careful enough for Guru not to hear. She brushed against him and walked along... "I am smitten, totally", she added softly and kissed him on his cheeks.
Millions of thoughts were running through her mind, from her first encounter to the last. She couldn't get him out of her mind.

"Now can we leave"? Said guru, smiling. The thought that he is finally married, and is on his way to the magical destination of Hawaii,with his Ahalya who is his Soul Mate, best friend, lover and companion really excited him.

"Did you notice Varun and Geeta?" I blurted out as soon as the check-in was done.
"No, why"? Varun asked casually.
"I saw Geeta looking into his eyes like they were pools of melted Belgian chocolates!" I said.
Guru laughed. "They are just friends, and I know about Geeta,she will not fall for Varun"
Ahalya"What do you mean by, you know about Geeta, i think they like each other! "
Guru "Can we please discuss about this later sweets".
Ahalya "Fine!" she spat and took the seat on the plan.

It took everything she had to hold still in her seat on the plane and not seem like a bumpkin by telling everyone that they were going to Hawaii! Of course, everyone else on the plane was going as well! But, did they know  it was her own special holiday.Suddenly the air-hostess handed Ahalya a bunch of roses with a card in it and a gift pack.
The card had a beautiful poem written and the gift was a coupon to the adventure sports centre in Hawaii, Which Ahalya had always wanted to go.Guru had secretly asked the air-hostess to surprise her.This was turning out to be a perfect honeymoon.

Guru held her hand and she saw him watching her every moment as she smiled continuously.
Can you be in love with a place as well as with a person? I believe you can be. The aloha spirit is real and alive in Hawaii.


I landed at the Honolulu Int Airport (Honolulu, HI) at 4pm. It's my first visit in the United States(Hawaii being the 50th state in the US). I finished my immigration formalities, collected my baggage and was waiting for Guru's friends to pick me up from the airport.

The airport looked very busy and finding Gurus friends in the airport seemed to be a really tough task.They had asked me to wait near a cafe which was in the east wing of the airport and i kept walking like a lost kid in a candy shop.

I was watching everyone when my eyes suddenly fell on one particular guy. I could easily make out he was an Indian from his looks.  He was tall with wheatish complexion and toned body and olive eyes. His eyes were so attractive and captivating .He had a constant smile on his face. He was busy talking to someone on his mobile. And, he looked very familiar to me.

I was cursing Guru. "He left me all alone in a totally new place and hell, we are here for our honeymoon and what was more important than spending time with me!"
"Ahalya"- My thoughts were interrupted when someone called out my name.
A girl and a guy were standing with a friendly smile on their faces.
"Yes" I said.
"I am Meghna and this is Karthick .We have come to pick you up."
"Hi" - I smiled at them.
"Aloha, Welcome to the Hawaii" - Said Karthick
They helped me with my baggage and we came out of the airport to the parking lot. We pushed two suitcases in the trunk and I had the hand luggage with me at the back seat.
"So, how was the journey Ahalya?"

"It was good Meghna. Just that the connecting flight from Japan was delayed by an hour, and Guru got some call Which he said was very important, and had to stay in the airport for another few hours. So he asked me to take the flight to Hawaii and meet you people here and told that he will be joining in the evening. I wonder what's gotten over him. He was behaving weirdly in the airport."
"Oh! Said Karthick. He seemed to be knowing something about Gurus stay in Japan.
"You know what,I am getting a little tensed, I mean after what happened in Sweden."said Ahalya
"Don't worry Ahalya, we know what happened and Guru is no more involved with the operation Anonymous."
Karthiks words gave me a little confidence, but still I was not satisfied. Who on earth will leave his newly married wife all alone to a new country.??

We spoke for some more time and Meghna got a call.I was asked to stay in their place till Guru got back from Japan.We got into the car and Karthik was driving it. I moved myself towards the window and started looking outside and saw a guy.."I have seen him somewhere" , Tall, Blue jean and white shirt..! It just struck me. Is it not the same guy I met at the airport? He looks like Guru! But what was he doing in Hawaii, when he said he had an important work in Japan??

In about an hour the car entered into the"The Lakes" community in Hawaii. We parked the car in front of the apartment. We moved the luggage in and Meghna showed the room where I was going to stay.
The apartment looked very beautiful with a big hall and two bedrooms, big kitchen . . I could see lots of beautiful trees around and i could hear the sound of of a waterfall nearby. I loved the place!
I had dinner with Meghna and came to my room. I was very tired because of the long journey and slept off soon.

I was standing near a beautiful stream with trees on either side. The leaves in the trees were of different colors from light yellow to bright orange and red. It was Autumn. The water in the stream was reflecting the colors from the trees. Some leaves were falling into stream slowly.It was the stream near the house
Ahalya.. I had been waiting for you for so long. I missed you a lot"...He came near me, looked into my eyes. Hugged me softly and whispered in my ears
"I love you".

The alarm rang!! I woke up with a jerk and looked at the time. It was 6 am! And Guru had not reached Hawaii nor was his mobile reachable.

What has happened to Guru and Why did he leave Ahalya  to go to Hawaii all alone?

The story will be continued by Srikar Venkatesan K <> who does Not stick to a specific topic but rambles and breezes past many observations in his unique line of thought.


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