Wednesday, June 5

Hyatt-Indiblogger Meet

    We always wait for the indiblogger to put up a meet in Chennai, and crave for the meets as it comes once or twice in a year and none of the Chennai bloggers want to miss this special meet, where we get to interact with the fellow blogger friends and socialise with the other bloggers. This is a perfect platform for us to put forth our blogs to a large number of people.

 And such a special meet did happen and it was organised by "ambi pur". As soon as the poster was put up in the indiblogger site regarding the meet, i booked the seat and informed all my dear friends regarding the same. The thought of meeting so many people after so long is exciting isnt it? . And the icing on the cake was it was organised in Hyatt, and who would want to miss a chance to visit that!? :)

I reached the place quite early along with my blogger friends and was glad to see the others who had arrived much earlier to us. There were "hi-hello" greetings sessions in the lobby where all the bloggers were made to gather till  the registrations began. There were around 230 + bloggers who had come for the meet.Much bigger crowd than the previous meets and i am sure the "ambi pur" organisers would have been happier.:)

We were greeted warmly as usual by the indiblogger family and once the registration formalities were over we took our seats. As soon as the host took hold of his wand i.e the mike it started showering gifts and free movie passes and rocks.. And ya how could i forget the lovely cold single french fry that i got as the gift.:) Well all these were given for a "check-Ur-luck" game where selected participants had to  choose a number from 1-11 and whatever was written behind the chit was given as a gift :)

After the heavy flow of gifts, there was an introduction session or 60 seconds to fame which was a platform to bring in more viewers to the blog and also to portray yourself. :) The Best part is there were gifts even during this season.

After the heavy flow of gifts we were given the sumptuous meal comprising of  the starters,main course and the yummy deserts and some photo shoots with friends. This was the time where we had a surprise behind the screens. We were blindfolded and weremade to sit in a car and were made to smell the amazing fragrance of the ambi pur which was placed in the car which "smelled like the first drop of rain that falls on the lush green grass". So fresh and nice amidst the hangings shoes, half eaten pizzas, old socks and many other things.

After this  amazing smelling experience we were made to tweet about the same and the best tweet won a Galaxy S4. Incredible,but people like me who did not have twitter were sad about this and there came the news that we could also win the super phone by blogging about our experience in the amazing meet.:)

then came the technical info about the ambi pur product and how it works. Well it is always fun to know extra info and share it with friends and get the "she-knows-more;' tag and the session really helped to acquire some extra knowledge.

the last part of the meet was the stage show or adzap, where the bloggers were grouped accourding to the flavours of the ambi pur freshner contents that were given to us. There were five groups and each had to enact a play and the best play which was ours (the smelly movie 4) won the prize.:)

The others plays were office romance,a malayalam movie,rajini style and a imitation of the kounder mani senthil play. Last but not the lest we got the awesome indiblogger and ambi pur tea shirts and ofcourse the photo session.

Well that day was a perfect day with yummy food and friends and stage show and loads and loads of gifts.!!:)


  1. Nice post. It was a wonderful experience there Sahi :) But I missed you there.

  2. Nice post... Enjoyed reading with the moments all had running through mind.

  3. Yes, a great day.

  4. Great Commentary Sahi!
    I think Bangalore is lucky to have an Indiblogger meet once a month. :)

  5. It was fun Sahi
    esp your tong da doing - Ambi pur :)
    I have tagged you in my Ambi pur experience blog
    please check

  6. @sushmitha yaa it was amazing, :) and ya hope to see ya in the cbc meet~!..:)

  7. @devadhaithozhan it surely was. the best way to spend a day is to attend a blogger meet!.:)

  8. @Bhushavali N yes.. but there is always another meets. hope to see ya soon ..:)

  9. @S. Anupamthank u !..:) once in a month.. haa now you are making the chennai bloggers jealous..:)
    jus kidding..!:)

  10. @Sophieha ha..:) thank u sophie..:) and ya i will surely visit the blog..:)


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