Thursday, July 18

Brain Wizz-Part2

Check here for the part-1 of Brain Wizz.

Squeeze your brain,fasten the thought process,improve the impulse for you know all the answers to the questions asked in a quiz comp. But those who are faster in remembering the answers hit the jackpot. Here are few questions!...These are the first 10 questions asked in the landmark quiz.More to follow.

1. The Story of My Life, an autobiography by Helen Keller is dedicated to which eminent person who helped direct her education and considered himself foremost a teacher of the deaf?

2. In the cricketing Caribbean West Indies, which country though not an island forms part of this group?

3. What list is this and whose name fills the blank: _____ ➜ Albus Dumbledore  ➜ Draco Malfoy ➜ Harry Potter

4. NASA launched which queen as the fastest manmade object in history on August 5th 2011 on a mission that will end in a high-speed crash into her husband about 630 million km away?

5. If India = Bharat and Japan = Nippon, Greece = ............?

6. It is called the Mehran in Pakistan and is the largest selling product of its type in the country. Its direct Indian equivalent is also the largest selling product of its kind in this country. What brand?

7. The Lokayukta Act 1984 was the first of its kind in India. It was the brainchild of which Chief Minister who was inspired by the successful working of the Swedish ombudsman?

8. The attacks on Krishna as a child by Putana, Trinavarta and other demons so frightened Yashodha that she insisted that the entire village move from Gokul to a more auspicious place downstream on the banks of the Yamuna next to a tulsi forest at the base of Govardhan hill. What place was this?

9. This word of Greek origin means “mound” or “built up”. It is used to describe a class of steroids that increase protein synthesis and build up cellular tissue especially in muscles. That it was a favourite ingredient in the diet of some Indian athletes came to light recently. What word is this?

10. Which river arises in the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, flows through the city of Jammu and then crosses into Pakistan to join the Chenab?


  1. I wish I knew any answer :(

  2. Ennadhu test ah OMG!!!! Teacher Neenga questions kodutheenga ok but where is options ;) appo dhan naanga inki pinki ponki potu kandupidika mudiyum ;) JFF nice post managed to answer few inv sports and history :) :)

  3. Suththam.... I can answer only 2 questions out of this 10 :( The answers I know were :

    1. Alexander Grahambell
    8. Brindhavana

  4. 1) Graham Bell
    2) Guyana
    3) Grindelwald (Elder wand)
    6) Maruti 800
    8) Vrindavan

    This is all I know though I forgot 5,7 and 10.


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