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C-Chandra Gupta I


       The first Chandra Gupta of the new line, through the third member of his dynasty to be mentioned in inscriptions, to be the founder of the Gupta Dynasty. Like the great Bimbisara he strengthened his position by a matrimonial alliance with the powerful family of lichchhavis then controlling portions of bihar and perhaps even nepal. The lichchhavi princess kumaradevi must have brought to her husband's family an enormous accession of power and prestige.

     Before the death of her husband the Gupta sway very probably extended to Allahabad,Oudh and south Bihar. It is believed that the Gupta are commencing from A>D 320 originated with the Chandra gupta I. An important act of this king was the holding of an assembly of councillors and the members of the royal family at which prince Samudra Gupta was formally nominated successor to the imperial throne of the Guptas.

    Chandragupta-I died in 335 A.D. and was succeeded by Samudragupta

NOTE: Chandra Gupta I not to be confused with Chandragupta Maurya.

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