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E-Eastern Chalukyas

        Eastern Chalukyas, were a South Indian dynasty whose kingdom was located in the present day Andhra Pradesh. Their capital was Vengi (Pedavegi and Denduluru, nearEluru) and their dynasty lasted for around 500 years from the 7th century until c. 1130 C.E. when the Vengi kingdom merged with the Chola empire. They had their capital originally at Vengi now (Pedavegi, Chinavegi and Denduluru) near Eluru of the West Godavari district end later changed to Rajamahendravaram (Rajamundry). The Vengi kingdom was continued to be ruled by Eastern Chalukyan kings under the protection of the Chola empire until 1189 C.E., when the kingdom succumbed to the Hoysalasand the Yadavas.

Pulakesin II (608–644 C.E), the greatest Badami(Karnataka) Chalukya king, conquered the eastern Deccan, corresponding to the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh 616 C.E., defeating the remnants of the Vishnukundina Empire. He appointed his brother Kubja Vishnu Vardhana as Viceroy. On the death of Pulakesin II, the Vengi Viceroyalty developed into an independent kingdom. Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi outlived the main Vatapi dynasty by many generations.

The Eastern Chalukyas ruled the Vengi kingdom for nearly five centuries and had very close relationship with the imperial Cholas.

The list of Eastern chalukya kings:

*Kubja Vishnuvardhana (624 – 641 C.E.) 
Jayasimha I (641 – 673 C.E.) 
*Indra Bhattaraka (673 C.E.) 
*Vishnuvardhana II (673 – 682 C.E.) 
*Mangi Yuvaraja (682 – 706) C.E.) 
*Jayasimha II (706) – 718 C.E.) 
*Vishnuvardhana III (719 – 55 C.E.) 
*Vijayaditya II (808 – 847 C.E.) 
*Vishnuvardhana V (847– 849 C.E.) 
*Vijayaditya III (848 – 892 C.E.) 
*Bhima I (892 – 921 C.E.) 
*Amma I (921 – 927 C.E.) 
*Yuddamalla II (928 – 935 C.E.) 
*Chalukya Bhima II (935 – 947 C.E.) 
*Amma II (947 – 970 C.E.) 
*Danamava (970 – 973 C.E.) 
*Jata Choda Bhima (973 - 1000 C.E.) 
*Saktivarman I (1000 - 1011 C.E.) 
*Vimaladitya (1011 – 1018 C.E.) 

*Vijayaditya I (755 – 772 C.E.) 
*Vishnuvardhana IV (772 – 808 C.E.) 
*Vijayaditta IV (921 C.E.) 
*Vikramaditya II (927 – 928 C.E.) 


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