Monday, June 22

6 things to do for Midnight Hunger

"Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something".But eating rice for Midnight hunger?? No!

People say Sometimes late night food craving simply means you need to go to sleep earlier, But since that is difficult these days owing to the work schedule and the ‘Me time’ that we require after office and the home chores, we tend to be awake till midnight and that is when the unmistakable rumble of a hungry stomach fills the room

Sometimes when I am really hungry and I open the fridge, all I find is Dosa batter, tomato, and cold water!.

Good old Maggie is also banned! What will people do now when they are hungry and the time is 1 Am?

These are some of the best late night snacks that are low in carbs and also fulfill the hunger:

1.Stove top- pop corn: takes only 2 mins to make and with a dash of chilly pepper toppings ,dried spices or Parmesan cheese toppings adds lots of flavor.

2.Dry fruits -  dates, almonds, peanuts, cashews. Who does not love munching these and reading a good book.

3.Dark chocolates-  This dark beauty source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, such as potassium, copper. Uff who cares!, its yummy when eaten slowly and in small quantities

4.Fruits- Banana to the rescue

5.Oreo Milk shake

6.Cracker salad

last but not the least,
 Dedicate a small area in your refrigerator to late night snacks. That way, when hunger strikes you will be prepared !
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  1. I would rather go for a banana or dry fruits...but oreo shake sounds so tempting...yummm

  2. That's a very yummy list :) But its better to sleep on time with a full tummy and not to let hunger strike late night as our stomach needs some rest. Eating on time and in right proportion also leads to healthy, slim body and glowing skin :)

    1. yes, true.. but in case you stay up at night and get hungry, this list may come handy. :)


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