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Adopt Plants

I love bringing plants into my home. I believe they make the home more interesting by bringing in life and color. I find happiness in just looking at the different shapes and colors of the plant. The icing is when they bloom, ahh the beauty. Very few things give me this kind of happiness. Isn't it amazing to just look at these babies grow and bloom and ultimately wither away? The full life cycle of plants. I am a proud plant mom and i protect them just like how i do my human kids. But i see a lot of people throwing away their plants because the leaves are brown or they just don't look good or they just want to make room to buy those plants that are "trending" on Instagram. Also right after Christmas, i see a lot of these Christmas trees that adorned their owners living room jeweled with their precious memories and decorative ornaments just thrown away on the foot walk for the garbage truck to be picked up the next morning. There are ways you can fill your garden or h

My sweet Earth

There certainly is a lot of speculation regarding the end of the world in 2012. The plethora of opinions comes from people ranging from world renowned scientists and theologians to “lesser known” bloggers and crackpots. But regardless of where the opinions and theories are coming from, they are fascinating. They are based mostly on the ancient Mayan calender.
Now what is interesting is that not only is this the solstice, but it is also approaching (2 weeks later) the point of Perihelion. This is the point in the Earth’s orbit where it gets the closest to the sun. Could the additional gravitational pull cause something to occur? Not likely, but combined with other forces, who knows. This closer distance to the sun could make a difference, however, in the event of a solar burst (flare). And I have to mention in this update that recent solar activity has increased dramatically, which could be a problem. So beware of this.
Also, there is the possibility that the coming event could be similar to a pretty big event about 14,000 years ago that froze mammoths in their tracks with food still in their mouths.
Well leave the Mayans .. our very own mythology says that this is the last of the four yugas. (Well for those who do not know the yugas and the scientific link to it) i will write a new post on it :) :) )
You have to consider how likely it is that the end that they are referring to is just the beginning of a new age. I also believe that it is extremely important to know how to to survive the coming chaos, not just “The End Of The World 2012″ but any disaster and the social panic and violent mobs that quickly follow.
Now i do not want the world to end like this….i have hardly lived my life. Well a study states that more than 50 % of the american believe that there are super heros present among-st us..!!!(LOLL thought) who knows if there is a disaster that happens as predicted i will hope that a super hero comes and saves me and the people whom i want.. ;) . A little bit of adventure to tackle with the destroying world would be fun!.!!
OK now i definitely need to think this ” what if i am saved in the disaster of the destroying world?? what would i do for the food and cloths?? ” so a little bit of shopping and travelling and eating exotic food should not be a problem.. ;)
This is not the do or die situation. “Its the die or die one.” This is like the last wish that is asked before a person is hanged  just that the duration is longer ;) . I would definitely try fulfilling all my secret wishes :)
And finally a letter to my sweet world:
Dear earth,
  You have got abundant wealth, Which we have been exploring. But u never told us u would become this week becouse of loosing all Ur energy ,that u will not even have the courage and the braveness to fight against the disaster and save ur own adopted kids from the mars and the Venus  U showed us Ur anger by splashing the waters on us in the name of tsunami,getting furious in the name of volcano,asking us to go back and to leave Ur land in the name of earth quacks. But still we did not stop exploiting and looting Ur treasures.But now u have decided to teach us the final lesson but dying???? No… please we promise we will use Ur resources properly and will not trouble u any more and will not pollute Ur nature..We have lived in harmony for millions of years, Please don't force us to go to mars and Venus  We know u like to GO GREEN. We assure u we would do what u like.Show courage to save us all!!
Yours loving,


  1. A different perspective to DYING earth :) the last para with the letter to earth is excellent :)

  2. I do hope we the humans realise sooner than later what we have done to our earth .. and I do hope earth is not angry anymore


  3. Lively loot the Mother earth sympathy. Surely she will not let us down. Mayan underestimated the love that she have on us. She can't live happily without us. May be she has splashed her anger in form of tsunami. But ellam namaike. Start thanking her in green otherwise everything will be vanished even b4 doom's day...
    Nice writeup.... Kudos and Thank you for the letter.....

  4. @Bikramjit Singh Mann well we are in the last min and realization now is really important.. hope everyone of us realise it.. and Start "going green!"

  5. @sunderthank u so much!..:) yes.. we have made her angry so many times.. its time to lessen her anger.. :)

  6. and i will call you on the 31st of this month and we will share a good laugh over this post

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  8. Well this is just a hassle, giving man time to think of what he's done to nature.

  9. Well this is just a hassle giving man time to think about what he's done to Mother Nature


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