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Adopt Plants

I love bringing plants into my home. I believe they make the home more interesting by bringing in life and color. I find happiness in just looking at the different shapes and colors of the plant. The icing is when they bloom, ahh the beauty. Very few things give me this kind of happiness. Isn't it amazing to just look at these babies grow and bloom and ultimately wither away? The full life cycle of plants. I am a proud plant mom and i protect them just like how i do my human kids. But i see a lot of people throwing away their plants because the leaves are brown or they just don't look good or they just want to make room to buy those plants that are "trending" on Instagram. Also right after Christmas, i see a lot of these Christmas trees that adorned their owners living room jeweled with their precious memories and decorative ornaments just thrown away on the foot walk for the garbage truck to be picked up the next morning. There are ways you can fill your garden or h

DIY-Make you old shoe new again

No matter how much you love heels, everyone needs a great pair of flats now and then.I’m so excited about how these  Ballerina Flats turned out. This was one of those DIY’s that just came together, as I was making them. The rich deep blue is just dreamy!.
Do not throw away your old flats, let your creativity flow in and make them shine like new ones.


1.Your old ballerina shoes(i almost threw away my old ones)
2.spray paint or ordinary paints
3.paint brush

 In case you want to make it more decorative make a bow from satin ribbon and hot glue  it to your ballerinas..!

1.Take your old ballerina and paint it in your desirable color.(I choose blue). Make sure you cover the sole of the shoe with paper. You can also spray paint it.

2.let this dry for a day completely before you add in a satin bow or even make it a peep colored ballerina.

3.To make peep colored shoes follow the step 1 and 2 and paint the toe are in a contrast color.

4.Here i made it simple with just adding polka dots to the shoe,and this is how it looks after adding the polka dots.

Now is it not super easy!???? try your shoe remake today!..:)


  1. Ha ha the Shoemaker, cobbler with colorful hands. Nice two.

  2. hey i think u can start a side business soon... :P

  3. Wowww!!! watta an idea Sirji :) :)


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