Sunday, February 17


           Every time I go to a musical concert(classical) i wonder how this beautiful art-form was formed.
How were so many Ragas formed of just the seven basic notes?? And what are SA RI GA MA PA DA NI ??? and how were they formed???
          I got all these questions answered by my grandmother who explained me how everything was formed. So here is the piece of information that i am sharing here.

      During Pralaya,the great deluge,the Vedas flowed out of Brahma's mouth and fell into the sea.Brahma panicked.How could he create without the Vedas?? He went to lord Vishnu seeking for help. So,Vishnu took the form of fish(Matsya avatar,the first avatar of lord Vishnu  because he had to dive into the ocean to find the Vedas.
      After the Vedas were retrieved Brahma began working on creation again.The Vedas were four in number,RIG,YAJUR ,SAMA ,ATHARVANA. Out of these SAMA Veda was and is still being sung.The story of music all began with the Sama veda. But it was totally different from what we sing now. There were oly 3 notes in the beginning.

      There were only RI- Rishabha,NI- Nishadha,SA-Shadja. Gradually the other notes arrived.First was GA and DA and then Ma and PA.

       The seven had now joined to form a musical scale,perhaps the first in the musical history of mankind.First there was SA,NI,RI, then GA and DA and finally MA and PA. This is known as SARGAM, which is singing the notes instead of the words.


  1. Sahi darling... this I think might be a Legend abt Music.
    the rest of the notes cannot just arrive... it has to be there... after all the notes are jus frequencies...
    and SARGAM, the word is an acronym of the consonants of the first four swaras Sa Ri Ga Ma (source Wiki)

  2. interesting...i used to aaraichi pannify about origin of words..there are some sites dedicated to it too...maybe if dig in u can find something on the notes too

  3. Nice Info :) . Also there is one interesting fact that SA, RI, GA, MA, PA, DA, NI Converges to one sound "AUM". The science of music is bigger we may need combination of first 3 visnhu avatars to dig more information.


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