Tuesday, April 2

DIY-Easy and Cute cell phone pouch

    After getting my new mobile, i was searching for a nice pouch for that. The pouch that i found cute were costly or it did not satisfy my taste. Then i came out with a plan of making my own DIY pouch. I had some old velvet cloth, and a cute doll from my old pouch. I reused all those to make my own cute Pouch.

Things Needed:

1. Velvet cloth or any other cloth
2.Old pouch.
3.Some sling wire.

How to Make:

1. Fold the velvet cloth(you can also take jean material) and sew the free ends and the bottom end, to make it look like a pouch.

2.If you have a old pouch or some stuffed doll key chain, use it to attach it one side of the pouch that is formed after sewing, to make it look really cute.

3.You can also attach a sling wire to it, for it to look like a small cell phone bag.:) as simple as that!.

4. Do try it out and post your comments below..:)


Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...:)!!!!