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          Every time I saw a new parlor, I used to run up to the hair stylist and  ask for his special advice on how to maintain hair and how to make it soft and smooth. I was bored of the same reply from almost everyone, Haircut and hair spa was the answer. But I wanted some simple solution like some home treatment or change of shampoo. I am blessed with a natural wavy hair and did not know how to maintain it, this was the problem and I was craving for my PG product.

Then I started doing my own experiments with shampoos and conditioners, and the results of the “smooth and shine” as the shampoos claim lasted just for hours. (At least, for me and with the humid Indian condition). Well I dint loose hope. I wanted some shampoo that made my hair soft and also enhanced my natural waves (is it too much to ask for???)

In the due course of my experiment with the shampoos I happened to try the TRESemmé Shampoo and conditioners, and it gave the perfect result that I was expecting. Not once or twice but for the whole month.The best part is it is formulated especially for the Indian conditions and my waves were more shiny..:

I have literally tried all shampoos. Few were good, few others better but I must say for my needs (shiny waves) TRESemmé is the best.

Once I had my results I started trying different hairstyles and here are few click of those. And the best part with these styles is that I did not use comb  for any of them.So try these styles on the run.. and be ramp ready always.




  1. Awesome hairstyles,best of luck:)

  2. You've got neatness in your hairstyles!I tried em but mine were messy.
    Loved them!
    Keep up :)

  3. @Shruti Chaturvedithank u so much shruthi.. btw messy hairstyle a great style for summer..;) and i did these hairstyles without the use of combs so .. another try you will get them neat and tidy!..:)

  4. Wowiieeee... great post and great hairstyles tooo :-) just loved your blog :-)

  5. style 6 is very nice .. all are pretty but that is very good


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