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Adopt Plants

I love bringing plants into my home. I believe they make the home more interesting by bringing in life and color. I find happiness in just looking at the different shapes and colors of the plant. The icing is when they bloom, ahh the beauty. Very few things give me this kind of happiness. Isn't it amazing to just look at these babies grow and bloom and ultimately wither away? The full life cycle of plants. I am a proud plant mom and i protect them just like how i do my human kids. But i see a lot of people throwing away their plants because the leaves are brown or they just don't look good or they just want to make room to buy those plants that are "trending" on Instagram. Also right after Christmas, i see a lot of these Christmas trees that adorned their owners living room jeweled with their precious memories and decorative ornaments just thrown away on the foot walk for the garbage truck to be picked up the next morning. There are ways you can fill your garden or h

DIY- Glam up your old shoes

Here is another way to glam up the old show

Time taken: 15 min.

Things needed:

1. Brush
2.Acrylic colours
3.Masking Tape


clean up your old shoe. It might just look dirty but still don't through it.


Use the Masking take to mask the front portion of your shoe, and paint it with the color of your choice. I choose Orange because it make everything lively.


Pint the bow using a contrast color and give in some details to the orange front (something like the polka).

Tada!, the ugly shoe gets a face lift. It took me just 15 min to do all these and 1 hour for the paint to dry. The show now looks super cute an colorful


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