Monday, February 16

Quibble of language pursuit

                           cue vs queue, here are the different ways where these two words!

A queue of more than forty people
snaked their way down the pavement to enter the game hall,
The big bellied guard reminded that
the gunshot was the cue to enter the hall,
the hall was huge with a center billiard table,
and the game began with the strike
There was a man with ta perfect queue at the back of his head,
and the way he stroke the balls in the pool,
was a cue of his mastery of the game


  1. I wish i could do the CUE.. i am a lousy player


  2. 2 comments - (not for publishing)
    1. Show date of posting in addition to the time that is already displayed (for all posts)
    2. Not sure if you intentionally wrote persuit with an implied meaning. If not, correct to pursuit.

  3. hi... for point 1: The date is shown in the blog archive and also when you hover over the time that is displayed, the date is displayed!

    point 2: thanks for pointing out. it indeed was a mistake,. :P change done. :)

    keep reading!! :)


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