Tuesday, March 1

DIY-Make your own side table in 5 minutes

This year has been a busy year, and this is the first blog post of the year.Moving to a new country gives a lot of chances to blog about new places that one gets to visit. But landing on a winter morning, still having 2 months of winter to go, one has no option than to wait for the sun to come out and sit in the comfort of the home.

Setting up the apartment was a task on its own, but when I found two pieces of wood lying around, I couldn't help, but to make a DIY side table.It didn't involve any glue or carpentry efforts, but just to place the wood pieces in an angle that they balance each other out and I just used board pins to support them.

All it took was jus 5 minutes to make this DIY side table.

Things needed:

1. Board pins (for balance)
2. particle boards (any light wood will do)


Keep one particle board vertically and mark with board pins.


Place the other particle board horizontally over the verticle one. The board pins act as a support.
place your favorite stuff and goodies on the easy DIY side table.

My very own DIY- harry potter side table

This can also be a night table. Easy, no glue or nails needed, can be disassembled very easily .


  1. Ha ha! The Harry Potter touch is nice. So which house did you get selected into?

  2. That was simple and smart. :) Good luck with the winter. Hope you see some sunshine very soon.

  3. Very creative idea. Three more months of winter...stay warm.


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