Thursday, March 31

DIY-Sun Burst Mirror

This has been one of the DIYs I have always wanted to do. Its so easy yet looks very good when it is put up in the hallway or as a show piece in any place. It took me just 15 min to do this . This will also go for a perfect last minute custom gift to someone near and dear.
Here is my second sun burst mirror completely from waste materials.

Things needed:

1.Hot glue gun
2.Bamboo sticks
3.Mirror of various size.

All that has to be done is just stick the bamboo sticks behind the mirror in any pattern that comes to the mind, and stick the mirrors of various sizes according to the need.

EASY!! The sun Mirror wall hanging is ready!!


  1. You could add something on the back to hold it, otherwise others might break one of the sticks trying to hold! Those little mirrors in the end of the sticks is a good idea.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Wow. It is amazing.
    Good job.


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