Monday, August 22

3D Origami wall hanging

Origami is the art of folding papers.Origami sometimes can surprisingly calm you and help you focus on the minute foldings and details.  I found my new interest in origami and have been experimenting with new ways to use it. 

I love 3D structures. They not only add dimensions to the empty space but also looks amazing when arranged and kept in the right place. I wanted to try my hands with 3D Origami paper foldings ,hence decided to make this 3D triangle wall hanging.

You can also arrange these 3D triangles on a flat surface in the design of your choice and hang them in the wall.

Things needed:

1.Origami papers.
2.Cardboard (I used a shoe box)

@sahithya sridhar

@sahithya sridhar


  1. Very impressive, how long did it take to do them?

    It may also look cool if you add decorative tape around shoebox.


    1. thank you!.. it took 4 hrs to do it completely.
      sure, thankss for the suggestion. dint have a decorative tape with me.. :)


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