DIY Home decor - 3 (Dollar Store Hacks)

Sometimes it's the smallest tweaks that make the biggest change at home. These hacks solve the common dilemma but also elevates the home style. These simple ideas will not cost a lot, and a little creativity can make the home refreshing and interesting.
The first part of this series can be viewed here and here.

Key holder

Things needed:
  • Photo frame
  • Color paper
  • Sticky hooks.
  • Glue

1. Remove the picture present in the photo frame and place some colorful paper of your choice.
2. Use the double sided tapped hooks and stick them to the frame.
3. your personalized key hanger is ready!

Earring Organizer

Things needed:
  • Foam board
  • Jute wire
  • Jute mesh roll
  • Markers.
  • Glue

1.Cut a foam board to the size of your choice.
2.Use some sketch pens and decorate the plain foam board.
3. Roll the jute mesh all over the foam board and stick them together.
4. Time to flaunt your beautiful earring collections

Newspaper Basket.

Things needed:
  • old newspapers
  • glue.

1.Cut out some paper strips and start rolling them tight into pipes or like straws. Stick the edge. Roll them again in the shape of a circle.
2. Make approximately 25 of them and start sticking them together in the shape of a bowl.
3. Here you have a cute bowl to store anything small.


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