Monday, May 27

Sow Early, Reap later!

     Travelling is always fun. We meet different people from different walks of life, and each seem to have an unique story. Here is one such person I met in train and the story was worth sharing.

I met neha on my way to Mumbai. And she seemed to be a  bright girl from a well to do family. But after speaking to her did I come to know the real situation of her family.

Her Father was a very rich man when neha was in her school days. In her 3rd class ,When nobody knew what a pocket money was, she was given hundred rupees everyday so that she could get the stuffs that she needed. Nehas father took pride in his wealth and did not bother to save even a penny and spent lavishly. The situation at home worried Nehas mother about the future.

And when Neha reached her class 4, her class teacher told them about a scheme for students called “SANCHAYIKA“ which was introduced by the government of india as a piggy bank scheme where
students could save a little amount every year or every month,and the saved amount would be given to them when they passed out of the school.

Neha was very happy about the scheme and beaming with joy went and told her father about this and her father, did not even listen to her properly and laughed at her . That was when her mother asked her to save all her pocket money in that scheme and told that she could use the money in the future.

Few years later destiny started playing its game on nehas family, and her father steadily started losing all his wealth and was left with nothing. When neha completed her schooling with 96% and had to join engineering in the nearby city, she had to pay 1lakh rupees and her father was very upset thinking that his daughter will not be able to join the course that she deserved because of the lack of money.

It was then the money that she had saved in the “SANCHAYIKA“ scheme came to her rescue and her school gave her 1.5 lakh rupees along with her mark sheet. Nehas father was proud of his daughter for what she had done when she was a kid and also for teaching him the lesson of saving.

                               “one who sows the seed early ,reaps the fruit later”

I have made this blog post an entery in  Colgate moral of the story contest


  1. ??ambipur mathiri ithu sanchayika promote panra posta? ila neja kathaiya?

  2. Nice story Sahithya. Good quote at the end. :)

  3. @gils oi gils.. sanchaiyika is a GOVT scheme.. ada na promote pannanum nu illa..:) and if few ppl read this and know abt the scheme then i will be the happiest!well this is a real story!..:) :)

  4. @sushmithathank u !..:)

    keepp visiting..:)

  5. Oh i remember the sanchayika, we had it our school too :)
    Wishing you all the best for your contest!

  6. Interesting and predictable :)

  7. @Bhavya ohhhh thats ghreat... i think this scheme is present in all the schools.. just that we need to know about it!..:)

    thank u for visiting..:)

  8. @mkris thank u !..:) and yeah this was a real story so i was not able to add any masala to it..:)

  9. interesting post on small savings...


  10. Enjoyed Neha's story. Teaching kids to save is a great idea.


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