Science and tech picture quiz 2

1) Put funda

Highlight for answer: To Higgs Boson.

2) ID:
 Highlight for answer: Googlerola


Highlight for answer: Cherenkov radiation

4) ID:

Highlight for answer: Great Indian bustard

                                                                     5) ID and put funda

 Highlight for answer: Ivan Pavlov's dog preserved at The Pavlov museum, Russia.

Credits: Navin Sridhar


  1. 1) experiment for goddamn(god) particle !
    2) google bought motorola :D
    3) and 4) NO IDEA :(
    5) Preserved Pavlov dog after his experiments :D

  2. @Dee........

    good job!.. u can find the ans if u highlight the space below the images..:)


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